Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall Getting Closer

I figured I'd get some pictures up before I forget about them. At least I can organize images from around the property better than I can with other stuff. I have them broken down month to month for the last four years with individual dates.

This has to be my favorite Coleus (reddish one). I picked up one small plant in mid April and must have forty of them around here now. I'll definitely keep them going as 18 (rooted) will be going to Florida. They looks stunning in partial shade..or at least I think so.

How about this guy? It's a Mexican something. I've had them for three years now. Thew first year was very disappointing. Last year they did quite well, but this year (annuals) this thing has climbed to ten feet after cutting them back twice. hasn't shown a flower yet. It is a late bloomer anyway, but it's almost fall.

Finally some Blue Morning Glories! Hopefully I'll have some returning next year in this location. I've seen a half dozen flowers so far this year.

Ivy is progressing all over the place. I can see it getting out of control if I ever left it alone for a year. Also shown in the back ground is one of my larger elephant ears.

I had oodles of Zinnia planted up along the driveway this year, cut them back twice, but they took on some kind of disease. This is all I have out of them so far.

Another Moon flower vine on the corner of the house. Lot's of Coleus where Impatiens always had a home in past years. Coleus don't replace them in my opinion but they do fill out nicely. Notice the small flower on the Clematis? I thought I killed that plant three months ago. Potato vines again. They're all over the place as well.

Angelonia doing well all over, but hard to see in this picture. Trailing Petunias petered out. Not as I hoped. But, they make into the cooler weather. Maybe they'll surprise me yet.

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