Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Early Winter Retreat

Not like previous years when I waited until just before Thanksgiving to head south to Florida. It was more about seeing the fall foliage and keeping leaves off the lawn. Otherwise my lawn would be toast the following spring. That's where the neighbor kid comes in. Almost 16, he's hungry and a very good worker. Sorry no pics.

I'm kind of saddened that I will not see that huge Mexican Sunflower "bush" bloom as it has oodles of buds on it. But there are plenty of vines still going strong including this one on the porch. It's a combination Black Eyed Susan (BES) and Moonflower. A few Morning Glories in there as well.

More BES all over a young beech tree...I wonder if these vines will return next year. They are seeded from last year but the winter was warm. If they do make it through the winters here, they'll be all over in a few years...no problem with that.

The lawn with Potato Vines (foreground) that have spread all over...

Out of here Thursday AM.

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