Friday, June 21, 2013

Pathways, Vines & Groundcover

I don't think I've taken many pictures of the west side of the cabin as seen from the porch. Mainly because I never liked the way they looked, or maybe it's the junk in the background that I need to collect and burn. Too much trash here and there in the woods. That because of the local trash collection place. A few years ago they had a huge dumpster one could toss anything into. Not anymore. I understand they have another place somewhere in the county but I don't know where.

Several types Azaleas and Hosta, including some perennial Vinca vine started two years ago. Ajuiga or something like that in the second picture on the right middle. Lot's of ferns that just grow here and there and a wild hydrangea (lots of those around here) in the foreground of the second picture about to bloom.

Yep, it's turtle season...again. Hefty looking claws eh?

The other side of the cabin; pathway leading into the woods. Blue Star Creeper filled out great, but takes work keeping the weeds from taking over. Blooms in May. English Ivy full. Probably get completely out of control if I don't cut it back twice a year.

Third year for this climbing hydrangea on a poplar tree next to the creek. It finally appears to be spreading rather than climbing. Hopefully it will bloom next year.

More ivy I started two years ago taking over this poplar also down near the creek.

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