Sunday, June 16, 2013

Time To Divide Hosta

Yea, it's the wrong time of the year but I figured I could get a few smaller ones out of the way that includes these three. The one in the bottom left had been living in a muck pond on the west side of the house in part shade for the last three years. It always seemed like it could do better elsewhere because the leaves get a funky ruffled appearance to them. Original tag does not indicate that. Anyway there were two, now  four with the one shown being the smallest.

After three good years of growth around here I'm now realizing some of my planning is off. Not only Hosta spacing but size of Day Lillies. Smaller ones in back shown above. This is an area I also filled with annuals in past years, but now are being populated with Daisies and Coneflowers from seed, plus an unknown from seed last year barely visible. Must be a fall flower; slow growth all spring.

These guys down near the creek have taken off. Note the milk jug for size. Definitely need dividing next March or April when they're barely out of the soil. I also stuck an elephant ear in the back this year, but noticing they do need more sun to reflect their name; Mammoth.

Another elephant ear moved This one will get about four hours of sun. Could overwhelm the entire area within a few months. Also shown is another divided Hosta. Notice Azaleas getting crowded out; more poor planning, along with the next Hosta picture. Nice clumps of Ferns here and there about three foot high.

Creeping Jenny spreading all over. Fine with me, but I hate weeds growing through it.

Endless Summer Hydrangeas. These were the first two planted in of May 2010. Hoping they remain that bluish color after earlier treatment. Why one is white and the other blue is a mystery so far. I count seven now on the property, with five coming from the original two. Only a foot or so high.

Clematis that I thought I had killed off last year after I cut it back, eventually to four inches above the soil line. It needs some screening to spread out. That's it for this month.

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  1. I planted the exact same Clematis this spring. Hasn't done a thing yet but I've read it take a year for their roots to get established. They do great up here in the mountains. I've seen some really full beautiful ones.