Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Shrubs Added

Headed up Tennessee way today for shrubs and finally a handful of annuals at Quinns Greenhouse. My plans have changed this year as the impatiens disease has some to do with it. Besides I'm getting tired of spending money for something that doesn't come back the next year. Add the fact I'm giving up on areas that are just plain too difficult to get something growing; along the driveway going up the hill.

I was going to buy at least a dozen impatiens just to see what may happen, but not after seeing this. Signs of downy mildew. Looking in Lowes last week I saw the same. The weather has been perfect for it. Cool and rainy. So, none of them around here this year. I did settle for Begonias...but they have never impressed me.

English Roseum

This one caught my eye at Tree City just north of Blue Ridge. It's a hybrid Rhododendrum. I picked up two lavenders and a white. Should be interesting in a few years. Slow grower though. The ones I picked up are about three feet tall and filled with buds. Should bloom within the next few weeks. Reaches something like 8 high and six or seven feet wide.

Mature Look. Lot's of big flowers.

Tree City Sign

Tree City flush with blooming azaleas, ass was the drive from Blue Ridge to Tennessee.  Most of mine got hammered by rain over the weekend. More of a no show this year.

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  1. Those bushes are beautiful! Pictures when they bloom for you please :)