Sunday, April 21, 2013

Elephant Ears Coming Back Strong This Spring

I have two varieties around here after trying another last spring called Mammoth. Last year I didn't see it until mid June after an early May planting. Anyway they're already popping through or almost on the same schedule as the hosta. What astounds me is the one that did the best last year.

After cleaning out the leaves and pulling winter weeds (I don't remember them in recent years either) from around the star of the show last summer, I found what almost felt and looks like a stump. I didn't expect that. Maybe this sucker will be enormous this year? The others that are planted in shadier areas did not grow as large, nor do they have the stump appearance.


It's a mystery as are many things around here from time to time. Heavy rain this year? I've calculated the rainfall around 25 inches since January 1 which offers a very strong running creek.  Winter temps were similar to the previous year, or on the mild side. But that does not explain why the smaller EE (planted in 2010) are also coming through. They typically don't show until later or in May.

About a dozen or so trailing petunias (from plugs last year) made it through the winter in areas that do get sun in the winter months. How well they'll do is unknown as they really petered out late last summer unlike the perennial wave Petunias I always have growing on the warm east side of the cabin. Here's a really nice chunk that could bloom in a few weeks.

My transplanted Kerria bush (Easter Rose) is blooming. I did manage to root another but it's only twelve inches high. That climbing hydrangea (background) better bloom this year, dammit. Bought it with profuse blooms three years ago. Nothing since, except climb like crazy.

Japanese viburnum (Popcorn) blooming, but only one showing more than a dozen blooms. The other two in the background have a few here and there. Another mystery.

Leaves beginning to show on most trees. Lawn always looks good from a distance this time of the year. Does have a mild winter weed problem.  I'm leaving it alone this year. Some weed and bug killer, that's it. Not worth struggling with anymore. I'm in the woods. That's my excuse.

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