Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Looks Like Petunias For Awhile

Yea, I know what I said a few days ago..."why bother." A combination of horrible weather and a case of the black ass led me to those comments. But I thought, I have to do something for my daughter in law Beverly who will be visiting with family May 22 to May 26 or 27. They have a wedding to attend in Helen, Georgia that weekend. Should be a fun four days with the kids.

I never thought they would have time to visit for several reasons. Btw, son Ryan has made a career change. For his sake I hope he sticks with it because it's not easy as time goes on finding good employment. Maybe he can excel at sales eventually here. Or management? Who knows. It's a company that has apparently grown through the tough times in Florida the past several years. Looks like they have a good niche.

About Petunias

They do pretty good around here until July or so, but it's more of a hit and miss with what has a lot to do with the soil used. Mentioned last year, it's the clay they seem to thrive in, so forget that Miracle Grow stuff. Remember the picture below? July 2009. All clay, barely anything else except maybe some leeching from the cement used in the stone wall.

So, Lowes had a six pack buy on Waves for about six bucks...only pink. Probably won't look like the above until mid June, but a start below. Those smaller azaleas that bloom in late May have really done well after pruning a few times last year. Nice and bushy! Should be bursting with color.

I'm not going to touch any Impatiens until the second week of May or so. Probably head up to the  MacCaysville greenhouse and pick some up. They usually have some sizable annuals for cheap because of their growing conditions. Will they last? Probably not, but I'm just hoping for color while Bev is here.

A few more Petunias (mounding) in clay once again. I hope these will show well in six weeks. I've also picked up some six pack whatchacallits. That name I can never remember...snap dragons. Both plants will do okay if there's another frost before summer (likely- average last frost date around 4/22)

Should have some good Azalea color in a few weeks. Most everything around here is about two weeks behind last year judging by photo comparisons. Six azalea in this picture. About 20 total on property. Looking to pick up a half dozen more or maybe something that blooms in mid summer. Tree City in Blue Ridge - great source. Had to get water heater replaced - lattice missing.

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