Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sunset In The Smoky Mountains

I'm not usually good with darker photo settings, but I did discover a new setting on my camera. Huh? Almost two years and I found something new? Lost or misplaced the manual. First off I'm here to see a custom hardwood flooring stain job with one of the hardest types of hardwoods to stain...Maple. Some guy from New york with too much $$ has a house under construction on a mountaintop in a place called Kinzel Springs, TN.

The driveway! OMG. 350 yards of concrete (according to the builder) nearly straight up with switchback turns. Don't try it in the winter. Not a very attractive house, no pics.

Doing floor samples.

Lot's of wood carvers in the area.

Near the Morton Overlook on highway 441. Elevation 4826. Located about 14 miles east of Gatlinburg or near the TN, NC border. Nice drive, steep, but nothing like the PCH, plenty running water to see.

Looking east into North Carolina.

West into TN

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