Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I don't know why those danged Carpenter bees have been drilling into my house this year and last. There aren't visible signs where this was a problem in the past. It must be the stain used back in 2007 when I had the place done. There just isn't anything else that makes sense. 17 years and no holes and suddenly a bunch of them in two years.

Just this year about a dozen holes started in the porch roof with two becoming home until I plugged 'em up today with some 1/2" wood dowels. Why they start some holes and abandon some is a mystery to me. Near knots yes, but away from them? Must be the taste.

And we had a visitor from the creek this morning. It was about this time last year we had the same. Snapping turtle trying to find a place to lay eggs. She didn't go far. Looked around and went back over the patio head first towards the creek. Notice the claws.

No sign of any snakes this year and I have been digging through areas where they would be hanging out; rocks and such. The place is pretty lively around 6AM with some song birds tweeting away.

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