Monday, June 1, 2009

Pressure Treated Timber Wall & Gardens

With a little distressing done to it. This is an area that will allow for a parked car instead of continually jockeying around the small driveway when a vehicle needs to leave. I had planned on going to four feet high but once I got to this current level 2 1/2 feet I thought four would be too much.

6"x6" PT beveled and distressed with the chainsaw. Came out pretty nice I think instead of just a bland square edged wall. Plans are to stain, but I kind of like the natural look until it fades.

Maybe another wall just above it instead of going to four feet?

And some updates on the gardens going on around here..


  1. Very Nice wall ,and a gorgeous yard ! Did you do the stone work yourself? Can't wait to see what comes next! I have been following your site a while just love seeing the rustic look you give to your blog!
    I just moved in a place in Jan. with an acre of land to play with so we are looking for ideas too!
    Peace and Happy Planting! terica

  2. Hi Terica:

    I'm not the one handling the planting. That's my mother who is up from Florida. I don't think she'll ever leave now..hehe. I called in someone who knows how to work with stone on the walls. It's truly an art that a DIY'er can't pick up on the first or second try in my opinion.