Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Visit With The Flower Lady

Located on the corner of Ga Hwy 52 and Possum Holler Road (sounds country doesn't it?) we had a chance to meet the flower lady Monday morning although I cannot recall her name. This project started 15 years ago when she moved from Atlanta after retiring. There's more in the backyard but I didn't get that far this time.

The old water wheel is not functional, but gives me ideas. There was a place up in NC I passsed while going through the Smokies that sold stuff like that. Probably not a good idea as the creek would tear it up during heavy rains.

On to flowers, nearly all perennial. I'll see if you can guess...In the meantime I'm on the disabled list too after an attack of chiggers a few days ago. Time for some projects near or in the house.

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