Friday, September 17, 2010

Cards Vs Cubs. Busch Stadium St.Louis

Yep, why not check out a Cardinal game this time. Having been in this city for a third time in my life I always wanted to see one. One can sense the longtime rivalry with the visiting Cubbies as traveling fans had reason to cheer while downing the slumping Cards 7-3 behind problem child Carlos Zambrano. It seems the Cubs are working on a new milestone as one fan laughed while waiting in line for a hot dog.

"We're now working on two centuries..." (without a Wold Series win) That's right fans, the Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908. For trivia buffs, this marks a time before the radio was invented!

Easy access to this ballpark. It was really spur of the moment when I saw Zambrano was pitching. Staying at the Hampton Inn in Chesterfield, I mentioned to Ryan at about 6PM let's go check it out. I-64 East and about 25 miles later we're there without any traffic problems, parking about two blocks from the park. Tickets? Whoaa, they're all too damned expensive in my opinion. I can't see how people can pay these prices. These days I sure don't see many Afro Americans in the stands.

Anyway we got lucky as one gal was trying to dump two $85 dollar third base line tickets for $40 each outside the ball park. All I had was sixty in cash so she agreed to the deal. Good thing they take debit cards everywhere, otherwise it would have been a ballgame without dinner. That made up for the ticket deal.

Nice back drop of the the arch from this seat. Having been to Citizens Bank (Philly) and this park being newer I thought they would have a collaboration of ideas for food and other stuff. Not impressed but they had a similar outfield mall area where people can mingle, but lousy views of the ball game.

Smoking sections? Good thing I don't need one every other inning as it's on the street outside the park with street entertainers here and there. Quick Cardinal trivia question. Who has the retired number 85 for St.Louis? A few fans I asked couldn't answer it either. Answer below.

Answer- The Cardinals retired the number 85 in Augie Busch Jr's honor in conjunction with his 85th birthday in 1984.

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