Saturday, September 11, 2010

Road Trip - Shake Off The Late Summer Blues

Considering how my gardens are nearly dying of thirst, especially the ones up the driveway where only carried water works, I'm outta there. Oh, and by the way the spring seems like it's nearing critical levels too. I'm hearing spurts of air gushing through the lines when the toilets are flushed (3x each day now). The creek has been the garden water source via pump the last two weeks and it's the laundry in town until some significant rain falls in the area.

So it's Knoxville, Louisville, and finally St.Louis for a NWFA (wood flooring) installation school. Son Ryan didn't appreciate the great drive yesterday through the Daniel Boone National Forest going up I-75. I actually wanted to take the slow way, though deeper mountain country and off the beaten path. Mountains aren't his gig.."boring, lonely" is his take. Yea, at 24 I may have thought similar, but he grew up in an urban area so this new experience doesn't work for him.

Thinking to the fall, I was blown away at this sack of daffodil bulbs I saw in a Knoxville Home Depot the other day. I may have to pick one or two up on the return. Pretty darned big bulbs as well. The driveway could use a good showing of daffs next spring which I can't wait for. This past summer has been a real and dry. Atlanta had something like 70 days over 90 degrees where the average is about 40.

Louisville has some stuff to offer. Churchill Downs which we plan to see Sunday. Muhammed Ali has a museum in town along with the head quarters of the Louisville Slugger Bat Company and the worlds largest bat. Not my pic, just something I found with Google images.

Sure wouldn't mind seeing some botanical gardens, but it may be getting late in the year? Probably see the Cardinals vs Cubs next week in Saint Louiey. Staying at the Hampton in downtown Louisville until Monday AM. Indoor pool, yohoo...but CLOSED by order of the city. Something to do with a chemical imbalance. Geez folks got nutting else to do? How freaking bad can it be? Many people probably drink worse. This society is so damned scared of getting sued. Rules, rules and more rules. What happened to simple times?

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