Friday, September 17, 2010

School In St. Louis

That's the reason for the visit. Very good experience for anyone desiring a career in the business. My purpose was to get some good images for the website that keeps me alive. Turned out okay for some pics, but I'm really looking for actual on site pics. That's a tough one to crack nowadays living in the sticks for two reasons. Getting into the good 'ole boys club in a rural area is hard if I needed work, and two, mention the internet and I get consistent blank looks. Few if any, see value I can provide.

I still got it many times at this school. Flooring people don't do the web. Good thing for me because it reduces the competition. Had I been in something like insurance, computers or other geeky stuff I wouldn't have a chance. Nowadays I just say I'm a gardener if they don't understand my business.

Son Ryan (blue shirt below) got lucky as some 40 students were broken up into four groups with instructors. His instructor was the infamous Daniel Boone (right) who claims to be a direct decedent of the Kentucky pioneer.  I had doubts as I couldn't see the math in what he called an 18th generation, unless them Kentuckians had kids at real young ages...good possibility!

This Boone is synonymous with hardwood flooring instruction and and recognized by all that know the industry top to bottom. Starting as a helper for his father at a whee little age of six or seven, his knowledge and talents have taken him around the world as a respected go to guy whenever problems occur or opinion is needed.

Anyway, lot's to mention, but little time. Some misc pics.


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