Saturday, March 30, 2013

Some Daffodils

After surveying the property with a warmer day finally, I began to think. Why bother this year? After all,  few see this place anyway except for the meter reader. I may be gone for a few months in summer too. Pretty sad eh? Oh well, that's my life. I've always wanted a change but as the years pass...I really don't know how I got into this funk. Could be after I quit drinking. All my social angles disappeared. I just may take it up again out of total boredom.

Yes, there are a few daffodils here and there. Forget what these are called. They typically bloom after the King Alfreds who have been too damned spotty since the first year.

The neighbor kid did a great job trimming these with the weed whacker? Like I really wanted him to.

This weed (hanging baskets) must have come in with all the cow manure the past few years as I don't remember it a few years back. Now it flourishes in the sunny areas but very easy to remove.

My seed starter area from last year. Shasta Daisy and ??

I had something like 25 bulbs planted in this area. No flower show at all this year and last. Soil? I'm not about to fertilize either.

Of those that did make an appearance or are showing now, this is typical. Cold weather, hail? I don't know. Most just didn't show.

Christmas Rose

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