Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another New Garden Ready

Finished this off yesterday before the rains. Hopefully the expert gardener (Mom) will have a chance to plan what to put where this fall providing she sees these pics. That would be up to my loveley neice Heather. Uncovered a tree stump that should give it some character, along with a rock drainage ditch that comes from the upper driveway. A few rocks too difficult to move are left to stay.

On to another challenge and still another garden area that gets quite a bit of shade. Thinking of spreading mulch around the level bottom area as there's oodles for free up the road. All sorts of leftover stuff to work with too. First pic rotates to the left to second pic giving an idea of the area.

And the area shown from the rear looking into the yard.

And YES it needs a drainage plan too...

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