Friday, July 17, 2009

Ph Control For A Healthy Lawn?

It sounds like a pretty darned good reason why I'm seeing what I am seeing. Once I find something that sounds like an answer; it isn't. I've been all over the internet and the Scott's site and could not find anything as compelling as this article on maintaining a proper Ph level. Makes sense why Scott's offers little if any mention on the subject. Guys/idiots like me would not be buying all this stuff they sell if I had a proper Ph level in the lawn?

We'll see after adding a lot of lime today, but apparently it takes quite awhile to work into the soil. Really didn't find any answer but depends on a number of factors. Let's see if anything improves over the next few months.

Apparently this fungus control may not work with the current Ph of the soil. Same with other stuff according to the article. Comments?

Average Current Lawn Ph-- 5.0 +

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