Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Picnic? Nope. Yard Soil Tests.

Kind of looks like a porch picnic doesn't it? I vfigured I'd do some soil testing to see what's going on with the lawn. Hey, it's doing fairly well but according to the tests taken room for improvement is out there. Area seeded in late April is doing quite well (below)

And other areas.... big grey spot back near walkway. I'm guessing brown patch. Actually the whole lawn (light patches here and there) is affected here and there. I just hope it doesn't spiral out of control, but it looks somewhat contained. Hoping Scott's Fungus Control does the trick. It says it's GUARANTEED! But only mentions controlling??

Four samples taken from the yard and all looks to be about the same except for very low PH in the large grey spot. The results aside of the Ph levels.

  • very low in nitrogen
  • mid range for phosphorous
  • very high in potassium

Now what to do? Stay tuned.

Follow the lawn progress from the beginning. Um, it's not shown from start to finish but backwards. It's just the way blogger works. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the first entries about 12 months ago.

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