Monday, July 20, 2009

Nice Mountain Weather!

The current weather is ideal but how long will it last? The entire month has been mild with no daytime temps over 85 degrees. The past few mornings around fifty and under. I'll take that over a muggy 78 at 8AM in South Florida this time of the year.

Not that I know much about Tomato plants, but this one is thriving, standing six feet high.

Petunias are getting out of control above the wall area. Time to thin them out. They don't want to fall over the wall, stopping at the edge?

A few more pics showing the progress of the gardens. Sprinkled some Miracle Grow on this one a few days ago. It looked like it needed it but check out these hanging baskets.

I forget the names of these thingies but mother calls it the "seed garden."

And I hear it all the time...don't plant grass in the summer time. Some areas have taken the new seed extremely well while others haven't. Being around all day to check moisture levels I now understand why some are doing well while others aren't. Some were left to dry out completely before the seeds germinated which takes about five days. Blame It on the afternoon nap. This area in in front of the garden in particular was almost void of grass four weeks ago. I think it came in great.

And another project that has been taking awhile to finish. Lot's of monster rocks and roots to move or remove. Once I get that done I can have a driveway again instead of a pile of stone.

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