Monday, February 22, 2010

Chimney Fire. Yikes!

Or that's what the chimney sweep dudes tell me. About two weeks ago I had noticed it became a little smokey inside. Then one day I started a fire, went outdoors for ten minutes, returned and smoke was pouring out the seams in the chimney pipe. That was enough. At least the fire extinguisher worked. Not that I needed it, but did have to put the small fire out and air out the inside with 20 degree temps looming outside.

So today I get a visit from the chimney dudes. Getting tired of that cold heat, plus the power bill was near $200 last month for a small 1100 square feet. It seems burning wet wood (I knew that) and moisture build up with the flue closed to get a longer burn was a good recipe for massive creosote buildup in the angled portions of the chimney pipe.
"Some of the pipe may be warped..." mentioned one guy. Today's rainy weather prevents them from getting on the roof for a full inspection. A warped pipe means a weaker pipe...I guess. It's not noticeable from inside or out, but I believe they said it's double insulated or similar to oil cargo ships that have two hulls.  Added protection.

"So I guess that rules out getting it cranked up until you come back?"

The answer was.."if it was mine I'd get it going."
I'm still thinking, but hey they're the pros. The wood is much drier now, or in a range considers good.

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