Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Need More Space

I've been thinking about this quite a bit lately. There just ain't no room if I get visitors. Well one is fine, but what if sister Kim can drag along her hubby to the mountains. Hey, at least it's not like muggy Florida. May would be a great favorite, when everything is so vividly green.

Then we have my son Ryan. It's too crowded with Mom coming up as well. And I have thoughts of selling  floors online Ryan can do that...he has an interest and is very good at it.  Maybe two or three products...with the traffic I'm now getting, there's money to be made. It may be up his alley, but I don't want the hassle.

But...there's a space problem for sure. I thought about a temp trailer, an addition, then finally...a detached garage with an apartment upstairs! It would work great as an office area too. So here are some ideas. Preferably I'm looking for something that doesn't overwhelm the small cabin in the dimensions of 20 x 36 deep or so. Plenty of room for a workshop downstairs, and space for equipment, when or if we ever get into the installation thing we've talked about. Business on that end is downright dreary and the more I learn about the Atlanta market, it may not be worth pursuing...extremely competitive and low priced.

Just a few ideas. A balcony in the front upstairs is a must. French doors or sliders so one can enjoy the mornings. The garage would be situated on the west of the cabin.

Some initial ideas.

I like #3 with some adjustments. It would also be the same dovetailed log scheme as the cabin.

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