Friday, February 26, 2010

Hoop Garden

I started this about a week ago when temps were getting pleasant enough to plow through some soil. That didn't last long...frozen again. So today I thought best to try and bring the soil temps up for spring seed planting by covering with plastic. I have about 15 varieties either bought from TM seeds or the local Lowes. I had plans to get it going by March 1, but that ain't too far off. The soil underneath has been turned over; just needs some cow crappins and some decent top soil mix

There will be three hoops. Each measuring four foot by six foot and will be covered with 6 mil plastic visqueen. The area will get direct sun from 9AM until about 4PM until the leaves begin to form on the trees. That happens about the first or second week of May. Also about the time the last frost occurs. I should say the latest period for frost. I think I found an average date somewhere around April 20-25.

Hopefully by that time healthy little plants will be ready for replanting here and there.  The area is also hidden from winds. The entire area is really, protected by hills on all sides except for the west. For the last week I lost interest, but now...I'm getting there again.

White Oxalis /green (shamrock flowers)  bulbs on the way as well. 250 of them to be planted below the fence along the driveway and into some shade. Information obtained says if planted in mid March there should be some flowering around June 1.

Daffodils trying....

Tulip bulbs popping through where the soil isn't frozen...

And the only flowering plants around...Violas. I may make an effort to have a mass planting this fall from seed...along with some other winter flowers. 

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