Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stranded In The Hills

What's wrong with this picture? Or what looks different?

No snow. Yep...much of it has melted away. Cold? What else is new.

I tried driving into town Sunday thinking it wouldn't be a problem until I got to the top of my driveway. Most of the snow had melted on my side but not the steep road leading up. Considering it's been well over 30 years since I've driven in snow I thought what's a few inches going to do?

Wrong! Thinking back I'm lucky I didn't go over the side. Almost landed in a small ravine bear the bottom. Not only was the road snow covered but iced from the Saturday night cold. I felt it sliding half way down the hill, turned close to the drainage ditch on the right in an attempt to gain traction. It worked until I got to the ravine. Yikes! After ten minutes of thought and evaluation I managed to steer it straight back on to the road and slid to the bottom where once again there was no snow.

So...two days later and it's still ice. This time of the year the sun sits so low it's not able to melt any snow or ice on that part of the hill. The truck sits abandoned at the bottom, waiting for rain or warm weather. Did I make it to town? No. There's another hill that gets no sun leading down to the main highway. A neighbor landed in the creek Saturday trying.

On the shopping list. A four wheel drive. My closest neighbor has no problems getting his small Toyota pickup (4WD) up and down the road...a little spooky but it works. We went into town Sunday for necessities. Sooo, it looks like Thursday or Friday before I can get back to normal.

Another sale sign at the top of the hill noticed since my return. That makes six properties up for sale. I heard a small lot of 1.5 acres went for $7K during my Xmas visit to Florida.

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