Thursday, March 24, 2011

Caladium Gardens

I thought Caladiums were such a waste of time two years ago, thinking why would anyone want these things? Down right fugly I thought. That changed after an initial dabbling with them last year. Finally I can do something with the area in front of the creek as it gets mostly shade but not the deep type. Should be ideal I hope. Found some nice crooked logs to keep them contained too. Plenty of nicely composted wood chips brought in from the recycling place for a healthy Caladium diet.

Problem is I've picked up about 120 of these tubers/roots/bulbs, so I'll have to find more areas for them. And who knows, if I mulch it enough they may survive the winter? My attempt at saving some last fall failed as they rotted. Didn't allow enough drying time I suppose.

Lawn looks like carpet eh? Finally pleased, but what happens when the Rye dies out? It's been mowed four times since my return.

Thinking about perennial flowers and such. I have more patience now and working on getting a half dozen of this and that sowed in my porch garden started two days ago. No seedy soil full in these flats. With temps only in the low 50's today with cold winds this place was warmer than indoors.

These things gave me the idea to try some perennials. Started last spring a few of them survived and now flourish. Should be interesting to see the first blooms this year. Dianthus Sooty. Oh and look some Bearded Iris (background) planted in October of '09 may do something this year.

And who says I eradicated the violets? They're all over this spring. Even in places I practically bulldozed.

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