Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some Daffodils

...and a healthy stand of Violas and pansies against the stone wall of the house, mixed in with some Thalia daffodils (all white flower) yet to break out. Nice warm area here and the reason for them doing so well.

About five inches of rain fell earlier this week. No more water woes...until the summer perhaps. Creek was busy gushing.

Back to more Violas, and a few Pansies. It's more about light and sunshine for the most part. Down here along the path near the creek these multi colors are beginning to shape up. The area gets very light and warmth as the sun sits so low in winter months hiding behind the steep hill on the south side across the creek. Daffodils on pathway leading west in background.

Fence line shows an assorted number of larger daffodils. Notice more slow growing Violas in the background (right) near the house. Again, very little sunshine, but that changes over the next month or so.

Barrel with some Pansies and tulips..Plenty of those around. More to see in April.

Moving up the driveway, some Tete a tete daffodils  planted last fall. Four flowers per plant, but they're tiny. I should have bunched more of them, but hopefully the next few years they will multiply.

Oh, some more Violas planted along the storage area near the lawn.

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  1. Thank you for the pictures, Mimi enjoyed them! Oh, and what happened to your telephone call that got interrupted?