Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ancestors - Adam Quincy Fisher Family. Williamsport PA

Came across some pictures, some of which I have seen, others I haven't. Perhaps the blog title may find some long lost relatives or ones that I haven't heard of in ages. First one is my grandfather on my fathers side whom I never met. Born in 1882 (passed in 1949), the first image date is more of a guess (as are many pictures I find) but it could be within one or two years (clue in picture #2)

Adam Quincy Fisher is pictured on the right, the other, probably a shipmate buddy. I did not realize he was a small man in stature, noted in the discharge papers dated 1907 below from the USS Olympia. Born in Lykens, Pa, a town that hasn't seen much change since by only looking at population numbers.

I wonder what the best conduct rating was? Or how did he rate in proficiency? What's the scale? If anyone can find the answer please rely. It's old stuff like this that's difficult to come by on the web. Maybe it hasn't changed? Anyway my grandfather was commissioned to the USS Olympia that during this period patrolled the Atlantic and Mediterranean, and in April of 1906, became a training ship for naval cadets from the United States Naval Academy.

Interesting. I also had a great Uncle (Babe) on the other side of the family who rode the Olympia as well prior to 1900...I think. Perhaps I'll look into that.

Next up. My uncle Jack (who is still around at the age of 91 I believe) and my father James Robert Fisher (right) who passed in 2005. I'm guessing this one dates to 1925. How old does he look? That would be a better judge of the actual time period/year (born March 29, 1924) Good head of hair!

Next is Adam Fisher again. I Probably should have started this in chronological order. Perhaps I may devote a website to this side of the family considering the lack of things to do this winter and an interest in the subject. Adam Fisher and his sister Mary, later Mrs Frank Wells are shown below. I'm guessing before 1890 as Adam looks to be younger than eight years of age?

Okay, this one is a bit harder to pin point the year as it's the Fisher family with my grandmother Nellie Viola Guthrie Fisher (born 1886 in Grover, Pa) whom I barely knew and passed in 1962. I'm having trouble with this one. Uncle Jack  (born 1921) almost looks to be a teenager and younger than Dad. After WWII? If that's the case Malcolm would have been 42 or so and Ken 40


Left to right excluding parents Malcom Rhone, John Fisher(Jack), James Robert (Dad) and Kenneth D. Rhone for which I am named after. That's about all for now, but its' interesting I'm finding one name that dates as early as 1669! Too generic to find more information.  It's a shame our family wasn't best buds with William Penn during the early land grant years. I know of one schoolmate that is a descendant of  a Penn land grant. I'm sure it wasn't that easy, but something to ponder.

Added 1/13/2013 - Seeing how I can improve old photos. Original was actually 4.5 x 3.5 inches. Names must have been written by someone younger with all the Mr and Mrs in there. Names were also written on the back, some hard to distinguish (?)

Back Row From Left:

Jack Fisher, Linora Hall, Tommy Hall, May Hall, Laura Paris, Clyde Paris, Mid Vangrift, Floyd Eberhart, Bille Eberhart, Frank Hemminger(?), Mrs. Frank Hemminger(?), Mrs. Hugh Marshall

Middle Row:

Mrs. Adam Fisher, Mr. Adam Fisher, Mrs. Elmer Murphy, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Floyd Eberhart, Mr. Hugh Marshall, Mr. Elmer Marshall

Front Row:

Jim Fisher, Bill Larverison(?) Richard Eberhart


  1. I don't think I've seen any of those pictures!! I've always wanted to research dads side of the family but got nowhere. When the 1949 census came out I went thru pages and pages of Williamsport but there were alot of Fishers there!

  2. Contact me at: concerning Fisher photos. My Fishers lived in Lykens,PA.