Thursday, January 17, 2013

William Penrose Toomey Family - Runnymede NJ

This dates in the area of 1862 (Civil War Information) up to about 1920 or so. Shown first is a civil war veteran death burial certificate that was updated in 1942. 38 months of war service! Ended April 1865. Lucky guy. This is also the first record this side of the family has on his actual full birth date.

Here's where 13 children were born including my great grandmother Blanche Toomey Sowers. Not sure how long they lived in the house but I did see a reference to being on Market Street (Gloucester County, NJ) in 1920. The guess is 1890, give or take 2-3 years. I don't see any power lines...yet. Pops was apparently a busy and successful blacksmith with wife Marietta Steelman Toomey juggling the large family. An 1880 census shows the family living in Centre Township so I believe that spoils the "13 born" handed down family fact as two children are shown. Unless a new township was created or dissolved.

Real trouble determining the date on the next one. Young children makes guessing easier (as long as they were in the census) but there is no information on those in this photo. There are only three Toomey family members according to my mother (Blanche Sowers grand-daughter) I'm finding it hard to believe Marietta Steelman Toomey is the oldest, when you compare her to her husband.

"After 13 kids, what do you expect.." my mothers comments.

Next is around 1914 with Pop Toomey as the children called him. Blanche with daughters Mildred and Marietta Sowers. Others are noted but not all are family members.

A few other pictures during this period...

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