Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Recession Of 1880? Lykens Pa

Even with tidbits of information found in Census records one can get ideas of all sorts of things. However I've noticed forms do vary from the dozens I've looked at. Take for example this one from the town of Lykens, in  Dauphin County Pennsylvania (1880) where numbers indicate a recession or? Mind you I'm just guessing. Other factors could have been as bizarre as a change in who purchased raw materials from the town, or maybe there was a natural disaster etc.

Found The Answer- I was close 

The column furthest to the right is the number of months each person was unemployed. I see four, eight, four, four and six. Must have been some very hard times! Have no idea what "pucking slate" means. This was for a 12 year old. And what about that servant listed at the bottom for Adam Fisher, my fathers grandfather? Different last name too, yet she and a 3 month old are listed as daughters. It is the same household. Maybe the census taker got it mixed up?Lot's of other kids are shown as well that doesn't include my fathers father born in 1883.  It is the same household. Maybe the census taker got it mixed up? Mary F had the measles too (not shown) Damned hard times.

Looking deeper, I have a feeling a good portion of the unemployment happened before the May explosion as the census was take after June 1. It was documented on September 15, 1880. Then I could be wrong?

"age at last birthday prior to June 1, 1880. If under 1 year give months in fractions"

About how they took census reports. Could be some misleading information here and there from what I read. Dialect problems, can't locate the actual head of household, information provided by child, neighbor etc. May Fisher ("keeping house)  was actually born in Wales (not sure of immigration date) so I can envision problems there.

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