Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back To Reality? Pleasant Weather

Horse farm along 52 east about two miles from home.

Great weather day yesterday. Low 70's at 4PM. Finally a chance to get some local spring photos without cloudy and rainy backgrounds. By the way the bugs are returning. Those carpenter bees that love to drill holes on the outside of the cabin are out in small force. I think I plugged a half a dozen last year. Wasps and signs of small yellow jackets noticed today. Birds are happy, squirrels here and there. No sign of the local dogs...quiet too. A neighbor kid says they have "girlfriends." Spring is in the air.

The local mom and pop grocery another two miles from home. The place is almost 80 years old. I may go in for smokes now and then or a newspaper. I have been intigued by those posted gas prices though. $1.64? It hasn't changed in almost two months. Maybe they don't sell gas anymore. Other local prices are up near $ 1.95.

Trees have been budding for the last few weeks.

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