Thursday, April 2, 2009

Life In Seattle

Here I was about to say it rains as much here as in Seattle, but their yearly rainfall total isn't that high really; about 38 inches. Must be lot's of drizzle and small rainfall amounts. So what's exciting and new here in rain country? It's almost too depressing to talk about, but I did get some photos from the top of the hill looking east while waiting for the local power company.

Some green here and there and trees budding. I've seen browns and orange tints. If the freakin sun ever appears again maybe I'll get some better shots of that. So what's up with the power? Dunno. Fixed. And those guys are quick to respond. Probably 30 minutes and they actually found me!

A few days ago I had a window of opportunity to work outdoors. Time to get that wall area ready for whatever. I dunno. Moving quite a bit of dirt around. I was going to get a local guy in here to move it with some equipment but thought, I have all sorts of time, I'll take care of it myself. I think I found some great dirt too and not that real sticky compacted clay around here. I'll have to see what the expert thinks.

And the area in front of the wall (below). Cleared all the crap out and I actually think the laying water problem is an exaggeration. At one time I thought the walkway to the creek had an erosion problem with the rain water runoff. But looking on the other side of the property (second pic below) it probably gets more runoff and the grass in between the flagstones is intact. No sign of major problems and the slope is actually steeper.

I'm tired of looking at this bare spot. Time to plant more grass.

The area going to the creek. New grass in between the stones just needs time to get some rooting the way I look at it. I never gave it a chance last year because I was running a wheelbarrow over it. The grass never took root.

And finally a stairway area near the walls. I've been moving quite a bit of dirt here as well. By allowing the rain to settle it over the next month or so I plan to build a flagstone landing area with pressure treated 6 x 6's. as steps...I think.


  1. That new garden would make a great perennial garden. A couple of short blooming bushes maybe a vine ground cover that will grow over the edge of the wall? Lots of fun to be had there! Glad to see spring is in the air.

  2. Perennial. That's the stuff that grows year after year eh?

    Vine. Nice plan