Tuesday, March 31, 2009

YouTube Parody

Crowded studio....

I don't know how many of you have looked at YouTube but there are a lot of silly worthless videos out there. And the how to's are overboard. Look at expertvillage.com. OMG.

Upon working with trying to improve lighting and sound I thought why not try something off the top of my head. There are folks out there making some serious dough with silly stuff like this. I'm sure I could have dreamed up more but the object was more on how to improve video quality and sound which has been bugging me to death. Almost to the point I'm looking at high def cameras.

I have improved sound after abandoning the on board Sony mic for a more professional setup that ran me about $500.00. The quality is quite noticeable if you compare to other videos I've done, but I did have the HVAC running in the background...hardly noticeable.

Still not happy with the clarity. I'm finding it difficult to get good lighting because of the limited space and dark cabin setting. I suppose I can't get over that high definition attraction either. What do you think? It's YouTube so the quality isn't top notch. Maybe I'll venture over to Vimeo and try something there for a difference.

Decent weather for a change. Finally out of the cabin...or so I thought until I looked at the weather radar. Geez dammit this is getting old.


  1. I haven't seen the video yet but I'm thinkin the critter is definitly out of the question.

  2. Love your Blog and I love the mountains. Try to get up there every year just to get away from the city and get naturally medicated. The mountains are the best for calming down city dwellers. I love the Highland area and Rabun Gap. My hubby and I honeymooned near Vogel, he is not much of a mountain man but he is learning. I am in Ah of your hard work and what you have accomplished in spiffing up your cabin. Before my broken leg, I was the one doing most of the up keep to our home, cutting down trees, building a brick wall, cleaning gutters, pouring cement, building furniture from dogwood.You name it I did it. I could not wait till the weekend to work on the house. It sure beats working in a dr's office all day/all week. Sigh, maybe one day I can get back to it. So here I am, searching for blogs on folks doing their own work, I figured I could learn something while I am immobile. Thank the lord for the internet.

    I am enjoying reading about the process and progress you have made, you have quite a talent. With all the work you are doing yourself, it sorta' reminds me of Dick who lived in the wilderness in Alaska. I loved watching his videos. If you do not know of him, you can read about him here and see his videos on You Tube. http://aloneinthewilderness.com/living_in_alaska.html

    Your candle lighting video is a hoot, thanks for the laugh. I will have to look at your other videos a bit later. I do hope you are making some money on that one..

    I will be back to read more but for now, I have a parrot digging his claws into my brain (he is sitting on my bead) and I am finding it difficult to read through the trickle of blood that is coming down my forehead and getting into my eye. I need to go tend to his needs... mainly food and to put a tourniquet on my head to avoid the loss of anymore blood.

    God's Blessings and keep you safe.