Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dude. Your Lawn Kinda Suxs

No doubt. On my return from out west it looked like some parts of it was peeling off from the soil. So without thinking it through I began raking the remaining leaves and spots came up all over the place. Upon raking about one fifth I thought, maybe it will come back to life after I fertilize and allow warmer weather. Only time will tell. It was fertilized Thursday.

Itty Bitty Wild Flowers

Not sure if I saw the yellow ones last year. I'll have to look in the archives. Using a tape measure provides a better idea of their size. Did some garden maintenance out front and to the side to wee hat may be green. Not much happening here but it was covered with about two inches of leaves. Do these things grow back? I forget the difference..perennial, annual?

Is that part of new growth or a weed popping through? The things are so brittle.

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  1. I can't read the label but it looks like a mum. If so, thats new growth. You can probably trim off the dead stuff on top.