Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finishing Off The Drainage

Finally getting around to a project I've put off mainly because of the cold weather. Afterall, concrete and cement don't fare well with freezing temperatures. Incidentally, so much for spring being in the air at least until tomorrow. More rain is being dumped. Hasn't the area had enough? Temps in the 30's in the AM...better than teens though.

Okay the drainage from the driveway through the stone walls. Too much thinking about this one and I just thought... do it finally. The base was poured with quickcrete into wire mesh and some rebar I had leftover. After a few days I did some stonework to brighten it up a bit, but realized I used too much cement with the sand mix so the grout areas are kind of whitish. It's not shown in the pics as they were taken before the cement set up.

Time to finish it off when the rain stops. I figure I'll just fill in the area with dirt and find some kind of ground cover that can grow on and around the larger rocks I put into place.

A few birds are returning. The warm weather certainly brought on the chirping and other birds singing throughout the woods.

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