Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rain, Rain and More Rain

And I was finally getting into the mood to work outdoors! The first three months around here has been bizarre when it comes to rainfall totals. Maybe somebody is playing with the numbers but I now come up with 54 inches since January 1.

Hard to say. Yea, my lawn has almost been impossible to walk on considering how soft it is. Footprints galore. Oh well. Some recent activity with spring color, but taking the pictures without sunlight takes the real effect away. Currently having problems uploading. The first are blossoms on some apple trees down the road.

Upon driving down to White, Georgia today to catch up with some folks I plan to do some stairs video with, spring is more obvious in the lower altitude. Considering it was raining I didn't venture out for pics. It's just a matter of days before I see the same kind of early foliage around here...maybe Sunday the sun will reappear.

More pics if they work. Running out of patience.

The above is a neighbor just off of highway 52. Their property backs up to mine at the creek over the hills. They've done some cleanup the last few months. Had alot of rusted farm machinery laying around. Some colorful tree buds.

Ooodles of these down in the lower elvations.

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