Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Is In The Air!

...and it's about time..gosh darnit! Temperatures expected to be in the low 70's for the next 3-4 days and no freezing pipes at night. Oh, for those wondering; no snow last Sunday only flurries. But the eastern part of Georgia got upwards of 6-7 inches.

No shortage of stuff to do around here including completing my rain water runoff. Good time to get those steps done as well. The railroad ties are getting tossed in lieu of a flagstone stairway. I'll probably find a use for the old ties on the planned pathway steps next to the creek on the east side.

I've noticed some daffodils here and there driving back and forth to town. I should venture up the creek before the leaf cover makes it impossible. Could find all sorts of newish wild flowers, as long as I can get through that rhododendron jungle I encountered last time.

Thank goodness for the warm weather! I needed a break from the video work I've been spending my time with...all indoors. And thanks for that external hard drive I bought last weekend. I think my desktop crashed. That makes two PC's for the geeky fix it guy to look at. What good are those stupid battery backups? I had some power flickering yesterday and the backup failed.