Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh Boy - Accumulated Snow Expected

Accumulated - To gather or pile up; amass. To mount up; increase.

Guess that means I'll be trapped at home if the temperatures stay low for a few days. Oh boy expected snowfall totals on channel 2 upcoming. They don't know. Guess is 1/2" to four.

Sunday temps
High- 40
Low- 25

Low- 29

Firewood supply very low. Some fallen Cherry trees I cut up a few months ago seem okay to burn. Finally found my moisture meters. Reading before rain the last few days was in a decent dry range. With all the moisture around it's risen a bit.

and about getting that critter ...what do you think?

I don't think my studio can handle a dog that loves to chew stuff up and run around...for now. Remember how much I complained about the Verizon wireless being so sloooow out west? Now it's running quicker than my dsl.

Look for a snow video if it actually does snow.


  1. Looks like regular photo studio in your living room! Great pics of Graceland too!

  2. Well???? Been waiting for snow pictures :) Its a balmy 84 degrees with 10 percent humidity here today.

  3. How about now? Snow?