Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Las Vegas Construction Pics

Vegas highrise constructionLooking around this place you have to wonder; will enough people actually come to visit all these new casinos? It's mind boggling considering some areas I don't recognise from only five years ago! No bother counting the floors as it seems all the new ones are up in the thirty or 40 story range. The Imperial Palace where I am staying is dwarfed by all the new ones at a mere 18 floors. I could hardly find it the other day and it was probably an icon on The Strip at one time.

Some of these monsters don't show any construction activity. Did somebody/everybody run out of money? That's the trend thesedays. How come the casinos aren't crying for a bailout? All sorts of bad news here.

Looking to the west side of The Strip where I am located there are blocks of highrises under construction (top photo). Has the party ended in Las Vegas? Who is gambling thesedays? Actually plenty from my view...but most people have been doing enough of it with their life savings in the financial markets. I wonder what they'll be saying ten and fifteen years from now? Or what will become of these white elephants?

Apartment buildings could be an answer. I'm sure many folks are looking at the rent option after getting tossed to the curb failing to keep up with mortgage payments.

Looking south from Harrahs...

Caesars Palace with another addition going on.

And the area of the gone Stardust Casino is a huge city block with a newish project called the Echelon. Estimated costs around $5 billion. Construction stopped last summer. Pic below shows what it is supposed to look like when completed. Click any image for a larger view.

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