Saturday, February 21, 2009

Memphis - Graceland & Elvis

The visit to Graceland was interesting specifically the areas in the mansion where many gold records and awards are exhibited. Massive! No wonder he's called the King. And I had a chance to tour more airplanes. The Lisa Marie and a smaller jet. Check out those dated colors aboard the smaller one. And very cramped. I could not stand up straight.

Lot's of stuff stuck in time around Graceland. Remember this kind of kitchen flooring? It was a soft rubber backed low pile carpet that was glued. And yes the green shag carpet remains in the Jungle room both on the floor and ceiling. No pic, it's on video. Which by the way was forbidden along with flash photography as it damages fabrics over time.

How about this upholstered furniture? Pure white. How can you keep this clean? Bleach? Look for a video sometime next week. Home is only 6 1/2 hours away. Plan on leaving in the early AM. Looks like spring should be quite impressive at home. Nearly 30 inches of rain has fallen in January and February.

Oh, the Days Inn hotel room. Great deal. Across the street from Graceland. Best bed I've been in since home. This must be an oversized king bed. $ 70.00 night before taxes. Beats all the hotels I've stayed in during my trip, but absolutely no decent places to eat nearby unless fast food is a favorite. The area does get quite dark at night too. Must be do I say this? The local demographics are black.

Days Inn impresses me more each time I stay. New Mexico was a nice one to stay at too.

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