Saturday, February 7, 2009

Geeky Convention

Ah, found something I've been looking for. I didn't realize this was happening but I will be checking out the SMX Convention in Santa Clara next week. I haven't been to one of these events since Orlando in February of 2004. What did I learn there? Hard to say because it's been so long ago.

Actually most of what I learned about the web and making a living from it came from Webmasterworld (WW)...back in the days when many professionals weren't so tight lipped about how the web works and how to get a site ranked. At WW you can still pick up tips but it takes quite a bit of work wading through the noise. And like I tell many, if you want to learn the web you need the passion, followed by hard work. For me it's easier because I love the stuff. It's not like work.

Times have changed. Many shakers no longer visit WW. But these guys do the convention circuit as speakers. Many have very successful businesses as well. What I'm particularly interested in is where the internet is headed. It's constantly evolving. As I write some experiments at Google have folks shaken up, but I see it as a plus for those that have sites with good information and not those that build 1,000 sites on every topic they know nothing about.

You may know the type. It looks good when searching, but you click on the site and all that is seen are a few sentences of repititous garbage you've already seen. Better yet, the information isn't visible on the page until you scroll down. Instead, these rocket scientists want you to click and ad that is plastered in your face.

Okay, so you probably don't follow me. Things are changing for the better the way I look at it.

Oh, my California traveling schedule has changed. I'm currently in Santa Cruz and plan to be in the general area until February 14. Wharf (pier) pic below. I didn't take it, but will have some of my own pics.

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