Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ellijay Winter

Folks up here said they have mild winters. Looking at some numbers from Wunderground the past few years I was in agreement with them. However since I left January 10 the lows have been under freezing eleven of those days and January 16 showed five degrees!

With an adjustment for my little place out of the way by taking off another 4-5 degrees the numbers would be around 15 or 16 days under freezing. I'd probably be boiling water for hot sponge baths! I'm going to have to look into those frozen pipes a bit more.

Another cold front hits the area with a chance of snow today. Above pic.

I guess I timed it pretty well. Tempe has been the bright spot with wonderful weather, but I have seen some temps in the twenties when in Roswell NM. And the rain in North Georgia! So much for the drought. January numbers show over 18 inches in the Ellijay area. Imagine if one fifth of that was snow precipitation. One inch of rain equals a foot of snow...correct? 3.6 inches would be three and a half feet of snow.

Looks like it's cold all over. Bundle up if you're not out west today!

Vegas Weather today....high near 70.


  1. Thanks for the weather report! Currently 48 degrees here in the sunshine state. High of 63 (maybe) and hitting a low of 32 tonight.

    Mimi just chimed in with: "We've got get the sheets on those damn plants again!"

    Looks like I'll be cutting some more bamboo.

  2. Where did this bamboo come from?

    Watch the golf video.

  3. I have two warming.