Thursday, February 19, 2009

Arizona Snow Country East Mountains

Start of Trip Back East

I guess it's above the rim. Don't know the exact location but by the looks of it they must get some good winter snowfall. This is where I missed a turnoff that would have shortened my day by about 45 minutes. Instead I found my way into Showlow and Snowflake. The snow shown is west of the area at what seemed to be the highest elevation on Arizona 270?

Pretty darned cold in the area too. Note the temperature at 4 degrees shown below. Incidentally, 5246 is the total milege for the trip so far, until I hit Amarillo at 5PM CST. Now something in the range of 5855 with 720 miles covered yesterday.

Oh, here's a sign below. So it's Motel 6 for $ 36.00 in Amarillo. I'm happy, but should bring my own pillows from now on for these hotels. Looking at the weather for home, maybe I'll just stopover in Memphis (another 720 miles) for a few days and visit Graceland and surrounding areas. Winter weather has not left the Ga mountains.


  1. I said remember the H's. Heber turn north to Holbrook. NOT the S's, Showlow north to Snowflake :)

  2. Did not pay attention. I thought it was a straight run to I-40 after Payson.