Monday, February 9, 2009

The Giant Sequioas - California Redwoods

Story has it, a fella bought three parcels of redwoods in this area over 100 years ago and planned on making a sizeable pile of cash by taking down all these giants...until his wife intervened claiming they must be protected. So as it goes, the giant Redwoods in Felton California on the central coast. Quite impressive, but pictures or video don't show the real thing.

Shivering since the trip up the mountain. Supposed to rain today, but it looks like sunshine from my hotel room...for now.

I may head down to Carmel and check out the practice rounds if the weather holds out. Pics and video above done with same Sony camera. Not as clear as the previous Santa Cruz video because of the format I uploaded it with. I gotta write those settings down!

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