Thursday, February 5, 2009

Older Concept - A Money Maker

I've passed this kiosk along Las Vegas Blvd a few times this week on my way through the Venetian and into the convention center. No cameras? Hogwash. I can see some potential with this idea for a number of things.

The way it works is you sit on a bike with a green screen behind it. You're then video taped and a background is added through an editing program. I played with the idea a year ago, but haven't since. Wanna brag to someone that you've sky dived but you're too chicken like me? It can be done. Hollywood movies and TV news programs are done this way quite a bit thesedays.

The pictures stop there. The black guy made it a point to no pictures. Use your imagination. The backgrounds can be anything providing you have the footage. Want some video of you riding a Harley down the PCH(Pacific Coast Highway)? Shoot some video from the back of a convertible and green screen the riding part over the screen. Wallah. You're crusing the PCH without being there.

Cost here. $55.00 for a 2 1/2 minute DVD or an 8 x 10" still pic for $20.00. They had buyers.

If you're familiar with Whose Line Is It, you should get the idea. Here's a hilarious green screen clip.

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