Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monterey Area

Made it to Monterey. Anyone there? Oh well, blogging on this trip keeps me busy in the evening and early mornings. It's actually Seaside where I am located. And fighting with this laptop. So many errors! I can't type too well on these things. Takes twice as long to correct. Then my fingers are a bit cold as there is a no smoking policy at the Holiday Inn Express.

So my fifth floor perch facing inland where Snoopy is moored has become my smoking section. A few manufacturer semis moved in this afternoon as well. Reports indicate tournament attendance may be down 15-20 % this year but the place looks busy to me.

Off to Mountain View (Google) today and San Francisco. Taking Caltrain from Mountain View into SF at 4th and King Street (end of the line) Catch a few trolleys and see some sights. Could get lost too. Hey the ball park is only a few blocks away.

Made it to Cannery Row in Monterey for lunch today and some misc tourist shopping. Left the camera in the truck. The spot was McFlys (no website) Reminded me of Marty McFly in Back to the Future movies but no relationship. Though I've only been in the area a day and a half, Santa Cruz beats Monterey as far as stuff to do, except for the golf this week.


  1. We're here and checking as regularly as I can. Keep blogging! We're enjoying it!

  2. Leaving Wed AM for the trip back. I may get some more pics up. Just finished the PCH drive video.