Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ATT Pebble Beach Open Practice Rounds

Looking at the extended forecast around Carmel the past few days Tuesday appeared be the best day to make a visit. The rest of the week shows rain and more rain. However each morning I look outside in Santa Cruz the sun has been shining including today. The only nasty day so far has been Sunday. Carmel is about 38 miles south along the coast.

Cameras are allowed until the first day of the tournament and yesterday proved to be a great day for pics. I guess if I hung around the putting green I would have seen more celebs but I wanted more to get out on the course in case the weather changed. Ya never know up here it seems. Predicting weather looks to be more luck than anything. I may go one day later this week if it holds out. The 17th green bleachers would be my first choice for viewing.

More pics before the golf. Passing through artichoke country. Had breakfast at the Moss Landing Cafe where options include oysters or squid in the morning omelet. Sorry, not for me. But I did choose the local dish that offered artichokes, Italian sausage, cheese, and mushrooms.

Moss Landing Marina....

So now you know how artichokes are grown.... kind of looks like small pineapples on a leafy bush.


  1. When we went thru that area in July they had just planted the Artichokes. They were probably no more than 10 inches tall. Strawberries were the big crop then. It was "strawberry fields forever."

  2. Strawberries not doing so well in FL this year after the frost. :(

    I think you chose wisely on your breakfast omelet. oysters...blech!

  3. P.S. Did you get a chance to ask Griffey where he's going to play this year? ha! I hear it looks like its going to be Seattle.