Monday, February 23, 2009

Mild Winters in Georgia? Bah Hum Bug

Back to the little mountains. Yea, after seeing those monsters out west some of these local mountains are bunny hills. Winter nearing and end? Nope. Pipes frozen this morning, temperature under 20 degrees. Which leads me to think; what to do for next winter and how long?

The Keys are beginning to look good. Been thinking of a travel trailer anyway. Nothing huge, just enough for two...but this one looks like it can handle more than 2. Something like this may do the trick, but used, unless I can really hammer the price down. It's 27 feet in length and would be a problem parking on this property, unless I get the roundabout driveway done this spring.

There's a huge RV place on the way to Atlanta I may check out.'s cold

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