Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Trees & Flowers

If there's a barometer of what is blooming or growing in this area check out this place on 52 about 1/4 mile east of 515. It's amazing watching the changes over the year. As you can see not much except for some daffodils and some purplish stuff.

Dunno? Guesses. See below. Some prickly bush. The words aren't there today.

Some other white bush.

Near the set of mailboxes near home.

And the trees that line 515 going through East Ellijay.

I wish I had chosen a different blog set up. Sometimes this can be very frustrating. It loves to insert div tags where they're not needed. Then I gotta clean them out. I'm done, bye.


  1. What are the white trees? They're very pretty!

  2. I believe they are Bradford Pear Trees.

  3. Oh, they bloom here in January and they stink! Pretty but not a pleasant fragrance.

  4. Never noticed any funky smell.