Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Birds Are Singing

When the weather is nice. I'll be glad when this "rainy season" is over, but it's not really that season. Since January 1 about 40 inches of rain has fallen in the area. Isn't that enough? Can't I get those days back from last spring and summer? During that period it didn't seem like the weather channel was needed. Sunshine and more sunshine!

Okay today has been beautiful! About 70 degrees now with the same expected for Wednesday. Doors and windows open to get that musty cabin smell out.

How About Spring?

I'll take my camera along this evening when I head to town for dinner. In the meantime some pics of low laying greenery discovered this morning and buds appearing on some trees around the property. I wish blogger had an auto pic resizing function. This is one reason why I sometimes don't feel like doing updates. It takes time.

Weeds? Dunno, but it was marked last fall.

Can't be a weed.
How about this thing?

Tree buds...
More. Spiders are busy too

Looking for a handout...that's it!


  1. I thought you got yourself a critter with that last pic!!!!!

  2. We could use some of that rain down our way.