Friday, April 10, 2009

Hail To Spring

Let's see what kind of screwy weather is left?

I was in town for a mere 90 minutes and on the way back saw all this white stuff piled on the banks near the local church up the road. At first I thought it was soap suds, but then thought where could it come from?

Freaking hail! Now I know my newly reseeded lawn would be a disaster I thought. A few smaller trees down in the area. Could be a darned tornado skimmed some tree tops? Parts of the upper driveway has massive ruts from the rainwater runoff, but it appears the lawn escaped damage.

Considering I put in a good eight hours on that bugger I didn't want to see a total loss. From sifting dirt into a wheelbarrow and mixing with peat moss to the actual hand planting. Over the last week the better parts have really become green.

More on the lawn and new projects this weekend.

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