Sunday, April 12, 2009

Forget The RotoTiller

I have what I need, time on my hands. Preparing the area in front of the stone walls for grass would have been a nightmare last summer because of the lack of rain. Now the soil is soft but sticky, so the only real work is breaking up the clay chunks. The area shown took about three hours to turn over by shovel.

More known about the nasty storm Friday evening. Could be some of the seed for the main part of the lawn was washed away but it's difficult to tell. One thing is clear; if the weather doesn't get some kind of consistency this lawn won't do well in the summer heat. I understand the best growing times are when daytime temps are between 60 and 80. Yesterday it didn't go over 56. And the new seed needs a certain soil temperature to germinate.

Big difference from last spring eh?

And more of that lovely rain is on the way Monday!


  1. Must be a muddy mess after todays round of weather. Hang in there.........

  2. Not really. The loosening of the soil became a big sponge for that last rainfall, though it's too soft to walk on for a few days.